Vision & Values


The Town of Pownal is to maintain and develop capacity and infrastructure that allows for
  • maximizing citizen well-being and personal freedom
  • access to natural resources
  • encouragement of economic growth across a diversity of sectors
  • preserving the rich history of Pownal
  • creation of opportunities that bring otherwise divided and sometimes marginalized groups together to encourage mutual understanding and civic unity and shared civic pride
  • inclusion of all citizens in civic discussions and decision making that is representative of diverse backgrounds and ideologies without being exclusionary of any marginalized or vulnerable groups


The Town of Pownal, in all of its dealings with the public, will work from the following shared values:
  • We believe our primary responsibility is to our citizens, employees, officials, and those who come into direct contact with our Town.
  • We believe it is important to listen to our citizens and be sensitive and responsive to their needs.
  • We believe it is important to work together and to be willing to step outside of our roles when needed to help a co-worker if able to help. The success of our co-workers has a direct positive affect on our personal abilities to perform in our individual roles.
  • We believe that we need to express disagreements without casting doubt on the character or personhood of the person we disagree with.
  • We believe that when we have an issue to address with someone, we will go directly to that person to seek resolution before escalating the issue to others.
  • We hold the privacy and dignity of our co-workers and citizens in high regard. We will not do or say anything that compromises the privacy or personal reputation of others for personal agenda or gain. Personality conflicts should never fuel policy or action.
  • We uphold the right of our employees and officials to have free speech (religious, political, etc.) in all realms of their personal lives including their speech on social media platforms and other public platforms. When speaking in official capacity, however, we hold our employees and officials to strict standards regarding their speech to and about others. We are dedicated to a separation between personal and public opinion/speech.
  • We will encourage and seek training and education opportunities for our employees and officials that will enhance their abilities to serve the Town and its citizens.
  • We believe in open communication and access to the processes, policies, and actions of the Town.

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