Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee

Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee

The Towns Hazard Mitigation Plan is a document developed by Town Officials and citizens to identify the community Vulnerability during natural disasters such as flooding. There are two reasons why this document is critical. Once we identify vulnerability, we can develop plans to mitigate them prior to an event. In addition, the document is what guides the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to compensate the town post disaster. The approved document gives us the ability to apply for Federal Grants and Loans. The Committee is formed every 5 years when the document is renewed, and disbands once FEMA approves it.

The committee is appointed by the Selectboard and can consist of:
A Selectboard member, Planning Commission member, Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Chief, Road Foreman, a local business person, Town Administrator, WWTF personnel and Fire District #2 member. The Plan requires that all meetings are warned, all Selectboard actions are documented and have community reach out.

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Committee Roster

Michael Batcher
Joel Burrington
Harry Jamie Percey Jr.
James Winchester
Becky Levine
Craig O'Dell

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